When I first opened the box for the Painless Performance Trail Rocker I was impressed with the quality of the brackets and the amount of wire provided. 

After I pulled the rest of the parts out of the box I started to thumb through the installation instructions. What was a pleasant surprise was how detailed the step by step instructions are. There were pictures with each step that you could refer to.

As I started the installation it was easy to follow the directions and get right back to where I left off.

Check out the unboxing:

I ran into some minor issues at the firewall as to where I needed to run the wiring through. The instructions were a little fuzzy here as to what plug to remove and I removed the wrong one at first. Once I realized it everything was smooth sailing again. (Editor: Some of this may be due to the differences between automatics and manual vehicles. The automatic uses a hole lower on the firewall that is not accessible on a manual.)

Check out the full installation:

The next problem I faced was the rubber grommet itself. The directions indicate it should have a pre-existing split. It does not. Trimming that down took some time.

I mounted the switch panel inside and removed the trim to run the wiring.

I installed a light bar initially and I do have more lights and accessories on the way. The directions are really easy to follow and this is extremely easy to do.

There is a ton of extra wiring. Painless recommends coiling it up and hiding it under the brake system between the wheel well and the firewall. This worked very well and allows me to make changes in the future.

One side benefit of running the light panel is it doubles as an interior light. The switch faces are bright and illuminate the interior nicely. I also like the upper mount as it is easier to reach than another version that puts the switch panel by the gear selector.

My recommendations are to add a sticker kit to allow you to label the switches and for the directions to include the info about where to hide the excess wiring.




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