The 2016 Nissan Titan is an American-built truck with an American-built Cummins 5.0-liter turbo diesel V8. Finally giving consumers a chance to own a V8 diesel in a light-duty truck. It’ll tow 12,000 pounds and do it while saving 20% more fuel than other V8s they said.

When the Nissan Titan was first unveiled in 2004 they entered a competitive market and, rather than thrive or even scratch the surface as they had in other areas, they never managed to grab so much as a toehold (They own 0.005% of the total truck market).

If Nissan wants to continue to play in the big truck pool they have to offer a viable reason why you should buy this truck over a Ram, an F-150, or a Silverado.

Nissan traditionally goes after small niche pieces of the market. Some people call it “whitespace”. It’s also still infinitesimally small piece of the pie that does not make sense with this amount of R&D spending. You don’t jam a V8 diesel into a half ton truck and go after “whitespace”. They need to pony up to the hitch mount, strap on the trailer, and haul everything they have to gain any kind of market share. Job one is to outsell Toyota. More power, more towing, better economy, and then beat them on price. Once you conquer that you can work on carving out a bigger slice of the truck pie from Ram and Chevrolet.

The styling is probably the biggest weak point of the new truck. It looks like it’s competitors too much. Like it was designed by taking the most unique part of each truck, smashing them together without correcting for scale and then making it.

You be the judge. Does the new Titan stand tall or does the mighty F-150 smite it back whence it came?

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