It’s been six years since we reviewed the T3 trailer from what was EcoTrek Campers and owners Jeff and Kate. We check in with them to see what’s new.

To catch up with what’s new we did a brief interview with Jeff and Kate.

4WAAM- Why did you change the name from EcoTrek to Highland Expedition Outfitters name?

J&K – The new name represents us as more than just a trailer manufacturer, but we have the ability to outfit the trailer to meet our client’s needs. The name also represents our Scottish heritage. 

4WAAM- Is there a focus change from 6 years ago?

J&K – Most definitely. Our focus is derived from the imagination of our clients. They have challenged us to work/create outside of our comfort zone.

4WAAM – What can readers and potential customers expect to see in the next 2 years?

J&K – Hopefully, the manufacturing process will be more efficient resulting in shorter lead times. 

4WAAM – Talk to us about the new T7 trailer.

J&K – The T7 is a result of a combination of designs from one of our clients and HEO. He had specific needs, and together we were able to create a unique design.

We also see the T7 as a versatile trailer for larger families. Our personal setup is a T7, and the design means that we can store our T4 Gazelle tent in the upper compartment, along with other larger items. The upper compartment is at eye level, and easily accessible.

4WAAM – Still no kitchen?

J&K – The main reason for not incorporating a kitchen in our trailer is “Never cook where you sleep.” With the rise of bear attacks, the safety of our clients is extremely important to us. Onboard kitchens also take up valuable real estate for gear.

The HEO T7 – Specs and Details

Overall Width74″Overall Length132″
Overall Height78″Tub Width48″
Tub Length84″Tub Height48″
Deck Height24″Ground Clearance16″
Storage Capacity / Cu Ft.100Dry Weight/ Lbs.900
Torsion Axle GVWR2200 Lbs.Electrical ConnectorFlat 4
Tires31 X 10.5R15Steel WheelsStd.
Lockable TailgateStd.LED LightingStd.
Reinforced TailgateStd.Stabilizer LegsStd.
Folding JackStd.Lock “N” Roll CouplerStd.
Safety ChainsStd.Poly Tongue BoxStd.
3500 Lb SpindleStd.Full Extension Rear Sliding Cargo TraysStd.
Solid LidStd.Upper Storage CompartmentStd.

The T7 is fully customizable to suit your needs. Tongue boxes, custom paint, different bolt patterns so you can match your vehicle’s wheel setup, solar kits, and more are available for you to select from. Starting at $15,000 and handmade in Cosby Tennessee does the T7 meet your needs?

Check out the photos to see more of the T7!

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