It’s Christmas Day and sadly we didn’t get any snow here in Maryland. It’s plenty cold on this bright and sunny day. Too cold to install any new parts you may have gotten under your tree. Instead, why don’t you tell us what you got!

What I wanted for Christmas.

To fulfill my build wishlist Santa would have definitely needed a bigger sleigh. A full set of Dana 60 Ultimate axles, 40-inch tires, Off-Road Only AiROCK, Hemi Swap, and a supercharger for good measure.

What I got for Christmas.

The lovely Mrs. 4WAAM got me a new cabinet setup for the shop. Skyjacker sent us a lift for the Gladiator to test, and I got to argue with the local Jeep dealer on why a stabilizer won’t fix death wobble when there is a failed tie rod on the drag link.

The cabinets and lift are definitely the best parts of that scenario.

What I really got for Christmas.

Getting to spend time with family and friends. Sadly the 4WAAM family is very spread out so FaceTime is how we keep in touch on this wintery holiday. We will spend time with friends tonight and have a rocking good time eating too much food and at least one in the group will drink too much.

All I know is there better be cookies!

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