Memorial Day is a day of recognition for all of the fallen military members from any and all services and actions across the world.

Our soldiers stand as the first and last line of freedom in the world today, yesterday, and into the future.

The off-road community has always been a staunch supporter of our military and as a former soldier, it warms my heart to be a part of it.

During World War II and beyond the Jeep was an integral part of the fight. Supporting our military with quick, simple, and reliable transport that was on the front line, played support roles, and everything between.

Did you know the Jeep wave originated because returning GI’s bought surplus Jeeps and waved at each other as recognition that the other driver was a service member? There is a bond that service members share that not many other groups understand. The ones that do are groups that have a singular purpose, focus, and work together for the same common goal. One of those is motorcycle riders.

If you are on the East Coast today you will probably be affected by Rolling Thunder Ride to Remember. This one image says all you need to know about the purpose and intent of the ride.

You may have noticed that we try to honor our military and always post around those dates as a reminder. That’s because we are a veteran-owned publication and our staff is composed of almost all veterans. It’s an understatement to say it’s a big deal to us.

There are many other groups and we all have our personal ways of celebrating those who gave the greatest sacrifice so we can live the lives we choose. What ways do you remember the fallen?

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