Just like I promised we will give away 4 items this year. I am a little late announcing the first one but here it is.

The Rules.

In order to qualify to win you have to do three things. (Make sure your email matches so we get the correct winner.)

  1. Subscribe to 4WAAM. Use the subscribe tool located on the side of any article.
  2. Comment on an article. You can comment on this post or any other post on the site. If you comment on another article please make it relevant to the topic discussed.
  3. Give Off-Road Only a follow on Facebook. Off-Road Only

What am I giving away?

If you haven’t guessed it’s a product from Off-Road Only. Many JK owners experience a phenomenon called hood flutter. Air gets trapped underneath the hood and the factory rubber straps stretch under the pressure to let the hood flutter like a piece of paper when you blow over it.

The Off-Road Only Hop-Stopper prevents that by strengthening the center latch on the JK hood. We showcased it in our Product Highlight back in 2016.

The contest is for 1 of 3 Hop-Stoppers. That’s right there will be 3 winners chosen at the end. You can gain a bonus entry for any product purchased from the Off-Road Only store from now until the end of March.

Winners will be chosen Tuesday, March 31st.

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