Lotus F1 Jumps Their Semi Over an F1 Car

So Lotus had a forgetful year in F1. Kimi Raikonnen went to Ferrari and well, Lotus just floundered. Last year they were fighting for wins, the championship, and a return to glory. This year they beat Caterham.

While Lotus may have had a sub par year and failed to take the same points haul as last year – they did give us this amazing video of them jumping a semi over their F1 car.  Oh, and they also set a world record while doing it. Let’s be honest jumping a semi is the antithesis of Colin Chapman’s mantra of lightweight performance but hey, it’s really really cool.

Let’s hope Lotus has a better year next year and the “Mumbler” known as Kimi can turn things around at Ferrari as well. Until then enjoy the video.

William Connor

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