There are generally considered two types of Jeep owners. Mall crawlers and off-roaders. We don’t dislike the folks who like to make their Jeep look the way they want but there are certainly some modifications that are highly polarizing to the overall Jeep community.

Angry Eyes Grill

One of the most polarizing is possibly the angry eyes grill. Most people love the 7 slot grill as it represents the fact that the Jeep Wrangler was the first vehicle to conquer the 7 continents. There are several other grills that are gaining on the angry eyes as the least tasteful modification. From the Grumper to the new Oracle LED grill, there is plenty to dislike.

Light Bars and Pods Galore

Auxilliary lighting is necessary and useful. Light bars and pods all over a vehicle are an interesting item. Many people spend more money on lights than they do a lift or upgrades. They usually do a budget lift, complain about the rough ride, and run with their lights on while driving down the road.

Large Wheels

We aren’t talking about 18’s or 19’s. Those 20-inch wheels and larger with rubber band tires wrapped around them with wheels that can barely withstand a pothole hit much less any kind of off-road driving. To be fair the picture above does look nice.

Cheap Lifts

There are budget lifts and there are cheap lifts. A budget lift uses spacers, stock geometry, and maintains that OEM ride quality. A cheap lift is poorly crafted using inferior quality parts, materials, and craftsmanship.

What are some other items you think should make the list? If you like these items feel free to tell us why and educate us!




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