2019 is just a few hours away, the world is as good as it has ever been or as bad as it has ever been depending on who you talk to. I prefer to think of it as pretty good overall. There are always things we want to change and with that in mind, I decided to come up with some 2019 resolutions.

My number one resolution is to get off-road more often. Despite running an off-road centric website I did not spend enough time in the dirt this past year. What I did spend off-road was strictly testing and not for the reasons I need to go off-road, which is to relax my mind and reset my psyche.

Resolution number 2 is to get back to nature. Yes, this goes hand in hand with getting off-road more often but it is a lot more than that. I am talking about camping, hiking, cooking over a fire, and sleeping under the stars.

Resolution number 3 is to remember to help my fellow off-roader even more. I have always tried to lend a helping hand and assist people in need but sometimes you are in a hurry and you place your priorities above being a good human.

Tell us about your resolutions for the new year. Tell us about your plans, dreams, and how you plan to get them done. Lastly, stay tuned here for more content, more in-depth articles, more reviews, and more of the content you have come to expect.

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