I was perusing the interwebs the other day and came across a few new parts that I found pretty interesting. Some are retro, some are new tech, and others are just cool.

CJ Retro Alloy Wheels
Source: Quadratec

It’s 2019 and finally, someone introduced a retro-style wagon wheel like the factory CJ Jeeps made from aluminum. Sized 17×18.5 with 5.2 inches of backspacing they are designed to fit both the JK and JL and are a hub-centric mount. (The different mounting options are described here…) Get yours for $159.99 exclusively at Quadratec.

Trigger Solid State Bluetooth Switching System
Source: Trigger Controller

Available as a 4 or 6 channel controller the Trigger reduces the work required to add accessories to your JL/JK/JT. The circuitry self-checks for bad fuses, you can use your phone with their app to control everything or the RF remote system switches. Starting around $315 check it out at TriggerController.com

AirBedz Inflatable Mattress

An inflatable mattress made specifically to fit the back of the JL Wrangler. The mattress is a very useful 66″x52″x10″. That’s large enough for most adults and certainly children to get a decent night’s sleep. Available in Blue, Tan, or Camo for that special someone. Get yours from TruckAirBedz.com.

B&M Precision Sport 6 Speed Shifter
Source: Holley Performance

As fast as the new JL is compared to the previous JK the transmission still feels like you are shifting a Mack truck. There is no reason in today’s world to have such a long throw shifter. Thankfully B&M has its sport shifter with 35% shorter throws. It reuses the stock shift lever and knob so no one even has to know you upgraded. Pick your up from Holley Performance for $299 bucks.

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