Your community is powered by the dollars spent at your neighbor’s businesses. In order for those local hangouts, restaurants, theaters, and stores to exist they need us to spend money and time there.

I was reminded of this when I went to a small gathering of Jeep enthusiasts. It just happened to be near a local car show and blissfully in the parking lot of an excellent ice cream vendor.

FaceBook isn’t always useless.

This small get together was put together as a shout out on FaceBook. The invite was to anyone who wanted to show up at the local Bruster’s ice cream shop. People liked the post, commented, and shared it. Just like that, we had a mini meetup.

Not all businesses want your event there.

One thing to keep in mind when throwing up an invite. Not all businesses want you there. Locations with limited parking or where a lot of vehicles need to pass through aren’t real excited when a group of people block the lot. Take a few minutes to get to know the personnel and owner’s at a location to make sure they can deal with a group of enthusiasts. It also helps if people spend a little money there.

A business who sees some money come through the door will be a lot more flexible than a business that loses money.

Even if you are shy just arrive.

Introverted people have a hard time in groups of people. You never know who might like the same things as you.

Most groups of automotive enthusiasts are natural-born talkers. Some are natural-born shit talkers as well. The point is someone will engage you in conversation and eventually, you will get comfortable around everyone. After all, you have the same interests.

Start your own event.

If there isn’t one around you but you know there are people with the same interests start your own event. It doesn’t take any money, just some time and like-minded individuals.

Don’t forget to talk to local businesses to see who wouldn’t mind or at least find a parking lot with some space where you won’t impact someones business.

Tell us about your event.

Add it to the comments below so other’s can see what’s going on.

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