For the Sheer Joy of Explosions – SPECTRE

Even Rovers do light bars!

James Bond, famous British car makers, explosions, and planes. Not sure what else you could want from life, except Sean Connery to magically become young and take back the lead role from Daniel Craig.Movies can be a marketing bonanza for manufacturers. You let the movie use your vehicles and you get to be a part of a possible global hit with millions seeing your vehicles on screen with their favorite hero. Bit of a win win for everyone.

The latest James Bond film “SPECTRE” is one part action movie combined with one part Land Rover commercial.

See for yourself:

Hard to decide but I think I would pick the Defender over the SVR. Something about that boxy style, big tires, and utilitarian appeal that gets me. Are you looking forward to the next James bond movie? Does this make you want to buy a Land Rover?


William Connor

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