It’s been a little while but we finally have an update to out 2 inch MOPAR lift kit. This times we look at road manners both on and off road. 

On Road

On road the short wheelbase coupled with a very tight suspension give the JK a very sporty handling.Turn in is quick and accurate, there is minimal body roll, and braking performance is improved due to less front end dive. The down side is the suspension is a bit too stiff. Put these springs on an Unlimited and it would be a lot more plush. The front springs in particular are very stiff without a lot of accessory weight. If you buy this for a stock JK it’s going to ride harshly. Once you add weight with some aftermarket bumpers, a winch, and lights it will soften the ride up and get you into the spring travel more. Except for the harsh ride we could not be more pleased with how it handles and with a slew of accessories sitting and waiting for me to install them we will have the added weight needed to soften the ride very soon.

Off Road

We took a trip several weeks ago to Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania. An off road park with plenty of diverse trails we decided to make it more interesting and run it in the snow, a little ice, and with a driver who had never ever driven off road. No 4 wheel drive, no dirt roads, never even ridden in a vehicle someone else was driving off road.

Let’s just say the driver and the Jeep did great. The suspension did everything you wanted and nothing you didn’t. Steering remained light and predictable, rolling over moguls and hills was easy, plenty of ground clearance for most obstacles, and plenty of traction. If your plans are to tackle light to moderate off road trails, drive long distances, and do it with a factory/dealer warranty you cannot go wrong with this lift. It does cost more but you get everything you need and that’s a very nice deal.

We ran through mud holes, over bumps, up icy hills, and down a trail that was marked a Green and looked more like a small waterfall covered in rocks. My stock Rubicon ran the same trails but the Sport with the 2 inch lift did them a lot easier with a lot less drama. No bangs, hits, or other excitement.


So now that we have put the system through its paces and racked up several thousand miles what do we think overall? It’s a solid buy. Yes, you can buy less expensive systems. (Retail $1499) They usually aren’t as complete as the MOPAR kit and with TeraFlex designing the setup you know the quality and engineering are there as well. Considering you can bundle this into your financing, and the dealer will perform the warranty repairs, it is a tough combo to pass up.

If you are in the market for a “shorter” lift then make sure to give the MOPAR 2 inch a good look. On a side note without the aftermarket parts additional weight the lift is a bit more than 2 inches higher.

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