Not a super long article today, just giving an update on our Dynatrac ProGrip brake upgrade. First a little history.

From the previous article:

“The ProGrip brake system is a mid level upgrade. It includes larger rotors, new caliper brackets, and brake pads to round out the system. Some of the other kits on the market don’t include brake pads and of course, there are full replacements kits that include new calipers.

The nice thing about the kits without calipers is no need to bleed the brake lines. Naturally, you don’t get the finite braking performance of a full caliper upgrade, and it may not be necessary for all situations.”

From a little later in the article:

“The test vehicle is a 2015 Jeep Wrangler 4 door with 37-inch tires and 30,000 miles on the odometer. That mileage does contribute to some of the distance gained stopping as the pads and rotors did have wear. They were well within the factory specs and had years worth of use still available.

Factory replacement rotors are around $120 per rotor from the dealer. Quadratec sells them for $84.00 a piece. At $480 just for rotors that price tag of $995 for the brackets, pads, and rotors doesn’t seem as bad a pill to swallow, especially considering the performance upgrade.”

In a recent attempt to see what a full replacement setup from a parts store would cost we purchased top of the line rotors, ceramic brake pads, and fiddly bits to make sure everything fit and was greased properly. That tab came to $341 dollars. That’s the best replacement parts they had. That’s a significant cost difference from the big brakes but you don’t get the extra clamping force either.


Here we are less than a year later and 16000 miles from when we started testing the new brakes. The brake pads supplied with the Dynatrac kit are already worn out completely. They were a very soft and aggressive compound that are very dirty and wore extremely fast.

The rotors are still like brand new. They show wear from the elements and there is a small lip at the transition from the rotor surface to the black center section. Braking performance had not dropped off until very recently when it was clear the brake pads were done with their service life.

I would give the brake longevity a C at best. The rotors are the only thing that saves the day here, the brake pads are the definite weak link. We had twice as many miles on the stock pads and they were like new.


We have a set of the TeraFlex Big Rotors on our 2 door JK. The price is slightly less at $821 for the slotted rotor kit with the main difference the TeraFlex kit doesn’t come with brake pads. Depending on what brake pads you buy the price for the TeraFlex setup is a little less or a little more money.

There are some pros and cons to each setup.

The TeraFlex kit has two sets of stud holes drilled and the rotor has quite a lot of rotational slop because the holes are oversized. It does not affect brake performance as both kits had the same stopping distance in testing.

The Dynatrac ProGrip is hampered by the terrible brake pads. They initially feel great but the extremely dirty and rapid wear is hard to stomach for brakes costing this much.


At the end of the day, it would be hard to pick between the two kits and we will have a full review of the TeraFlex setup in the coming weeks to show what we mean.

If I really had to pick right this second I prefer the rotor fitment of the Dynatrac system. The slop that is present in the TeraFlex rotors does not seem to adversely affect the performance, but mentally I think about it. I worry about long term stress on the wheel studs. It’s mostly irrational but I have to pick something to differentiate the kits.

On the flip side, I do wish the Dynatrac kit did come with better brake pads or none at all. Selecting your own material preference is great and the Dynatrac provided pads are terrible.


As an added bonus I wanted to talk about the brake pads I just installed. I used the new ceramic max brake pads from Autozone and unless they wear poorly I made a great choice. At roughly $50 per axle they are quiet, clean, and provide excellent pedal feel and performance. This is the brake pad the kit should come with if Dynatrac really wants to provide one.


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