Depending on your age you may have been fortunate enough to have had a drivers education class in high school. Most of the youngest generations will not get that benefit anymore. They might get some hands-on time with a parent, or some bad advice from friends and then go take their drivers test. Does this really prepare people to drive?

In almost every case the answer is no. Unless you are a professional driver or teacher your kids will learn the same bad habits that you have. We all have something we could be better at when it comes to driving.



If training was available would you use it? There are driving schools for racing, for drifting, for regular street driving, and off-road as well. Have take advantage of any of these?

With so many young drivers in accidents due to the increasingly distracted vehicle interiors. The plethora of driving distractions that include texting, DVD players, multi-function touch screens, Apple Play and Android in cars. Are all of these conveniences making things worse?

Let’s be honest the answer to that last question is Yes. People keep asking for more and more in their cars but it makes driving less and less safe. Does that mean training would fix it or do we need to let go of some of the doodads and gizmos?


For those that don’t know not only do I own and run 4WAAM but I also own and run a motorcycle site called 2 Wheels and a Motor. As a I see and try to avoid the worst of the worst distracted drivers on the road.

People shaving, doing makeup, reading the newspaper, performing sex acts, and more. Add to that the technophiles trying to write with their finger on some weird input device, fighting with a touchscreen that doesn’t read their input properly, and trying to text while drinking coffee you see that just taking things away won’t work. People aren’t going to give these things up without a fight.

One last personal pet peeve dealing with the Jeep community that has been popping up a lot. The “Jeep hair don’t care” selfies while driving has got to stop. Preferably before someone gets hurt.

What’s the solution?

Laws will not fix this issue. Laws only create criminals. The solution is for us, the drivers, to put down the devices, to stop needing to post to Instagram, FB, and text while driving. This will help to decongest the roads, cause less accidents, and we will all make it home happier!

Will you take the challenge to put down the cell phone and stop distracted driving?

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