I am convinced that West Virginia is my spiritual home. My wife and I aren’t sure what it is but as soon as we cross that state line we both relax with a full-body sigh.

I had a good work week but about Wednesday I was ready to recharge my batteries. It wasn’t anything bad, I simply needed less traffic, less of… everything. Cue a spur of the moment last minute Airbnb booking to an area we had not stayed before, and Friday morning we were off.

Capon Bridge West Virginia

Encompassing less than 1 square mile the little town is quite eclectic. There is a Family Dollar and a Dollar General, but there is also a farm to table butcher called the Farmer’s Daughter. Stocked with Kombucha drinks, homemade soaps, and kitsch as well as aged meats, local dairy products, and farm-fresh eggs. We grabbed a dozen eggs from the case less than 3 minutes after they were delivered.

Just down the street from the Farmer’s Daughter is a cafe with coffee, pastries, and live music. The strange and extreme differences somehow just work.

Mountain View Cabin

The cabin is located around 7 miles outside of Capon Bridge. Far enough in the woods, without a flashlight, you won’t make it to the woodpile outside the door. You forget how dark the world can be when you get away from “civilization”.

The cabin is a moderate size with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a main living area that blends into the kitchen. There is a lovely full-length deck off the back looking down into the woods.

My favorite feature of any cabin is a fireplace or wood-burning stove. The Superhost had plenty of wood delivered before we arrived and I made good use of the cut logs. Unfortunately, it rained quite a lot and the wood wasn’t covered so day two was a wash.

The perfect getaway?

The rate was $110 per night but with Airbnb, there are always tack on items that raise the final price. In this case, it was a $60 cleaning fee and a $35 service fee. Not terrible but it’s an unfortunate side to renting these types of properties.

It sometimes means a room that looks $50-$70 more per day is cheaper in the final total.

Overall the Mountain View cabin was a nice place to spend some time recuperating and coming home refreshed. Even with the fees, the price was $335 for two nights. Not the lowest cost, but when you get an entire cabin with all the amenities of a house on 5 acres of land to explore it’s a fair price.

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  1. I like that you said my favorite feature of any cabin is a fireplace or wood-burning stove. My aunt is planning on a vacation on a mountain. I’ll share this post with her so that she would get an idea about the mountain view cabin.

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