Ok so not really an episode when it’s written, but this is the very 1st “Blowing the Carbon Out” piece. These columns will focus on taking a few moments to rant about the things that irritate us (me) in the world. By world we mean strictly in the automotive and outdoor world and most certainly not politics or other world events. This is escapism after all.


The fact that people must text 24/7 is the bane of all existence. The idea of texting is great, leave someone a quick simple note for later, a handy reminder, a little love message for a significant other. The idea that typing entire conversations on your phone is practical or time worthy is asinine.

Those items are not what really gets me. What gets me is how many people are face down in their phones at every traffic light. The lingerers who are stationary far after the light has turned green, slack jawed troglodytes still looking into their phones causing more traffic to back up behind them. Woe shall befall the person who beeps their horn to return the phone zombie to the reality that they are in their car instead of at home. These same Neanderthals are the people who are weaving in and out of traffic and generally driving like a moron because they are running behind. Put your phone down and not only arrive alive but arrive on time.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercials

In this particular case it’s the one that involves not knowing what a lug wrench is. I have a thought, I know that’s dangerous but I had it anyway. What if we learned how to do basic auto maintenance? What if it was taught at home by the parents and became a sense of pride that you could take care of something as mundane as a flat tire? What if that thought process was applied to many simple tasks? Just a thought.

That’s All Folks

That’s it for today. A column like this can take on a life of it’s own and run on and on and on and on and on and on and… well you get the idea. Tell us what you though, add your comments and submit ideas of your own.

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