Have you ever complained about not having somewhere to work on a vehicle? How about a lack of access or too primitive of a working environment? What the guys from AirMapp and Serial Kombi manage to accomplish in the following video will make you out to be a bit of a  pansy.

What would you do if you found out about one of your favorite cars? Would you try to go buy it? What if it was sitting in the woods for the last 40 years and was in a pretty sad state? Well one man lived this scenario and what he and some friends did is just awesome.

It pays to know people and to have some spare parts sitting around you can reuse. The simple fact is they got a VW bus running that had been sitting in the middle of the woods for 40 years. They did it by bringing all the parts they needed to the woods and fixing it right there in the great wide open. Drop a fastener in that mass of leaves and you could lose an entire day finding it.

Watching the van triumphantly navigate its way back to civilization is remarkable. It is also a reminder that with proper planning and the right gear almost any vehicle can get you out into the world and entirely lost! Chains on the modern VW to get up to the ancient relic and some decent tires and gravity to get it back down. The worst part of this video… we weren’t there. What an experience.

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