An entry level off road mobile home. We mistakenly thought that was a tent and a Jeep but apparently we have been doing it all wrong.The Pure series encompasses several models with camper shells ranging between 12.5 to 18.4 ft in length. Those lengths are comparable to some existing dual-axle Action Mobil model lines, but well shorter than their three or four axle lines. A line we might add that include the monstrous, eight-wheeled Desert Challenger. Action Mobil uses simpler equipment packages and configurations to keep costs down but as you will see below they still pack a lot of style and some very neat features.

“In order to make the decision of investing in an all-wheel motor home easier, the entry-level construction series Pure has been developed,” the company explains in a newsletter sent out last month. “In terms of technology and quality, all Pure models meet the Action Mobil standards. Technology and interior furnishing provide everything that is necessary for a basic equipment that makes sense.”

Action Mobil’s description leads you to believe the interior will be press board with the bare essentials and nature as your lavatory. Some of the comfort and style of its larger, more expensive motorhomes shines through and some of the “tiny living” touches are ingenious. In addition to motor home basics like a kitchen area with sink, stove, and diesel heating system, the Pure series includes an oven, towel driers and a rear electric motorcycle lift.

In order to fit that high level of comfort and convenience into a fairly compact motor home, the company installs a bathroom sink that folds up. Now it can be mounted directly over the toilet in the small, narrow bathroom. Action Mobil is also offering a hydraulic-lift single bed that can be raised up near the ceiling when not in use. It says that when added to its 14.8-ft Pure model, the hydraulic-lift bed allows it to offer the same sleeping capacity as larger models with a 5.2 ft shorter overall vehicle.

Action Mobil’s website lists 4500 HB, 5000, 5300, 5440, 5600 and 5600 Family Pure models. The company does not yet list the specifications of each one. it does had equipment lists for the 4500 HB and 5300. Both models are based on a MAN TGM 18.340 4×4 chassis with 340-hp 6.9-liter inline-six turbo diesel. Both feature ZF semi-automatic 12-speed transmission, two-speed transfer case, permanent all-wheel drive with center diff lock, front and rear differential locks, disc brakes, and front and rear leaf springs. Dual fuel tanks hold 190 gal, and GPS navigation is available as an option.

The model names reference the camper shell lengths in millimeters, so the 4500 HB has a 4.5-m (14.8-ft) camper, and the 5300 has a 5.3-m (17.4-m) box. The 4500 HB has a wheelbase of 11.8 ft, and the 5300’s wheelbase measures in at 13.8 ft. Overall vehicle lengths come in at 22.8 ft and 25.5 ft, respectively.

The living modules are built from a sandwich construction of fiberglass composite and polyurethane foam insulation. The walls measure 2.4 in in thickness, and both cabins stretch just under 8.2 ft in width and have interiors around 6.6 ft high.

Both the 4500 HB and 5300 come equipped with a 122 gal  fresh water tank and hot water system, while waste water is held in a 47 gal tank. The plumbing system includes a flushing 21 gal toilet, city water connector, exterior shower and water filtration system. The plumbing is insulated to resist freezing.

On board electricity is stored in a 540 Ah battery (AGM is standard in the 5300, lithium standard in the 4500 HB) charged via the alternator and a solar system with four 240-watt panels. The electrical system includes a 5,000-watt inverter and 12, 24 and 230 volt outlets.

The Pure series starts at $290,000, which isn’t exactly “entry level” to the average Joe, but a considerable price drop from the $929K price of the larger 7200 XRS six-wheeler.

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