Whether you believe in the doom and gloom of climate change zealots or are one of the heretical climate change deniers I hope we can all agree that we need to take care of the spaces and places we love.

A short while ago I wrote a piece on the conversion of asphalt roads back to gravel and the cost savings it provides. There is another benefit to this conversion that is possibly even bigger. The reduction of heat trapped in the ground. My small insignificant point is this. There is more that can be done to save the earth than banning cars or coal power plants and it would have a larger impact on people.

What Prompted Today’s Article?

A beautiful day spoiled is what happened. I went for a drive to exercise my photographic muscles and test out some new camera lenses for creating content. What I found instead was trash. Tons of it, on almost every roadside no matter where I went. It didn’t stop there. Look at the next picture and you can see paper waste downstream.

The trash is dead center. This shot wasn’t to capture the trash, it just happened to be there.
What Can I Do?

Don’t throw trash out your car window, take it home or find a bin somewhere. Close your trash bin so animals don’t spread waste around. Teach your kids to appreciate a beautiful world free from debris.

Read this article, put down your digital device and go outside to find just one piece of trash to remove. Imagine what we could do if everyone did it. Share the story with a friend so that happens, let’s start a movement. Let’s make our spaces look like the one at the top. Just as nature intended with nothing left by man.

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