The Jeep Wrangler JL does not need much when it leaves the showroom floor but we always want to add little touches and make minor improvements. Here are a few you can do on the cheap (Under $300).

Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Liners

Yes, MOPAR makes a set of rubber floor mats and yes they are cheaper. They also require you to cut a hole in your carpet and remove the drain plug. For most that design just doesn’t hold water…

Priced at $179.99 at WeatherTech’s site they are available in black or tan to match your interior. With more coverage than most floor mats and offering superior durability we really like ours a lot.

Premium Vinyl Hood Blackout Decal

Like the heading says it’s a hood blackout decal. Depending on the color of your Jeep the glare off of the hood can be intense. That’s especially problematic when you are trying to watch your line off-road and are blinded by the light.

Priced at $79.99 and available from Quadratec it’s a nice accent piece that offers a lot of functionality.

WARN Winch Mounting Plate

Another item we are currently running on our JL is the WARN winch mounting plate. Made from 1/4 inch thick steel and rated for 12,000 pounds this is a very robust piece. The install was easy and straightforward as well. (Look for that review very soon.)

For $249.99 from Amazon, you too can own one.

Pro Comp 2 inch spacer lift with shock extensions.

Up until the JL we weren’t big fans of spacer lifts. With the latest suspension geometry, significantly improved shocks, and stellar on-road and off-road performance a spacer lift is a lot more attractive.

This one from Pro Comp comes in just under our limit at $299, With free shipping from Quadratec that’s a great way to get some extra ground clearance on your new Jeep.

Superchips Flashcal F5 for the JL

Eventually you will want bigger tires, or maybe you need a different gear ratio. Superchips Flashcal has you covered. The latest version includes a jumper that allows you to program the JL ECU with having to modify or “crack” the encryption.

The great thing about this $249 investment is it also clears codes and allows you to make some settings changes to your Jeep options. No it won’t allow you to turn off the abysmal start/stop feature. Get yours here at Quadratec.

*We were not paid by Quadratec to use their links.

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