What a weekend, what a wonderful time driving the backroads of Pennsylvania and exploring local points of interest. The Woodland Adventure, put on by Off Road Consulting, was a great time and it is going to be an annual event.

The idea of Woodland Adventure was simple and straightforward. A lot of points covering a lot of ground with puzzles, history to learn, and items to find. Geocaching with your 4 wheel drive.

If you are expecting an event with a lot of hand holding, guided trail riding, or someone else figuring things out for you look elsewhere. Woodland Adventure is for the self sufficient, those who are capable of reading a map, using high level GPS coordinates, and terrain navigation. That’s not meant to scare anyone away, you can’t get very lost and with a little internet research you learn the skills you need. The point is “you” are going to have to do it.

That is the fun of an event like this. It gives everyday off road drivers the chance to experience some of what overland drivers experience. Traveling with a purpose, on your own terms, and to locations you otherwise may never have discovered.

Enough about the why, how about the what? This years Woodland Adventure had a ton of points located in two different off road parks. Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area and Rausch Creek Off Road Park were definitely focal points with points picked so any vehicle can get to them. Scenic trails through rocks, trees, and even water make exploring both parks an adventure in and of itself. There is also plenty of content, pictures, and opportunity to explore these areas.

We are going to share the other points that were in this years Woodland Adventure. The ones you wouldn’t normally see or even think to look for. I almost forgot the other part of the event is the competition. Each location was worth a given number of points, with bonus points possible for posting pictures on social media, answering questions about the history of different locations, or using the provided stamps to spell out words.

Below are just some of the points, there were plenty more to explore.

The Furnace


There weren’t a lot of details at the site as to what this furnace was used for but a little internet research turned this up on Wikipedia. (Click the link for more) For those who are lazy the structure is a left over Iron furnace. GPS Coordinates: N 40 32.5821 W 76 29.4364

The Tank


Located in Pine Grove this behemoth of a tank stands watch. Imposing as it is awe inspiring it reminds you how powerful military equipment truly is. GPS Coordinates: N 40 32.3832 W 76 22.5857

Sweet Arrow Lake Waterfall


Sweet Arrow Lake Waterfall is oddly enough located on Sweet Arrow Lake. They have a ton of walking trails, frisbee golf course, plenty of water activities, and a very nice clubhouse area. GPS Coordinates: N 40 34.2011 W 76 21.9316

Old Door


It’s an old door to what looks like a spring of some sort. Leaking nasty orange water out of it we didn’t linger too long. Still interesting to look at and worth a stop. GPS Coordinates: N 40 46.6405 W 76 34.0798

Old Door Interior

Weiser Forest Sign


Not much to see here, it’s a sign. The best part of this was Woodland Adventure had permission to use state forestry roads. You leave here and climb up, up, and up to the next point where you collected stamps. You are in the middle of state lands surrounded by areas of trees and lumbering on dirt roads just enjoying the weather and location. GPS Coordinates: N 40 34.6646 W 76 36.1588


Besides the fun, the off road driving, the experience there were also prizes. Maximizing those points definitely paid off.

Here are the winning teams and the prizes they won.

Team Wheelers LLC First Place


Team World Tour Off Road Second Place


Team Creeps in Jeeps Third Place


Team Lost Jeeps Fourth Place


Check out those prize packs! Winches, recovery gear, lights and more. When Woodland Adventure rolls around next year will you be there?

Check out all the pictures in the gallery below:

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