It’s another year and another Great American Outdoor Show. If you love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, vehicles, and life you need to go to this show. 

Here are some of the highlights that we really liked at this year’s show.


One of the most interesting field knives for skinning animals I have come across. Super strong construction, multiple blade options and strong enough to lift an ATV. Skinning has never been this easy.

EZ Kut

The original ratcheting pruning shears. They have other products that make cutting and trimming, and clearing trails much easier. EZ Kut Products

Hammock Seat

If this doesn’t look comfortable I don’t know what does. The seat is able to be strapped to almost anything with an 8 foot strap and a support leg underneath. Small enough to carry anywhere it’s a great addition to any camp setup. The Hammock Seat

Off Grid Trailers

Stay tuned for more on this camper. We are hopefully going to have one to review in the coming months. Several sizes, all the features you want, and lighter than they look these are another great option in a growing market. Off Grid Trailers

Great American Outdoor Show

Did you go? What did you see that got your attention?


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  1. Looks like a fun show. I couldn’t find how many attendees went to last year’s show. I saw that they have 650,000 square feet of space.

    We make VORSHEER Off-Road Trailer in Springville, UT. I think our trailers would be received very well at this show. Hopefully we get a chance to present our trailer there someday.

    1. Not sure what the attendance is either. I can tell you that 650,000 square feet is very cramped when it gets busy.

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