Hi folks. Allow me to introduce you to something that is brand new to market, and really quite cool. This is the D-Lift Adaptor, or DLA for short, from JeepsNeeds.com. It’s an accessory for your Hi-Lift jack that allows you to lock it to your D-ring shackles for safer jacking and also adds a non-marring poly-carbonate top piece to jack from other areas of your vehicle without damaging the paint or powder coating. The top piece has a 2″ circular groove which marries very well to tubular bumpers, bull bars, and rock rails.

You can see in the video at the bottom, my first exposure to the DLA was for an actual on-the-trail tire change. It doesn’t happen very often that you get a recovery item like that, and then put it right into service in the field. It worked out well in this case – because the DLA is a very comforting addition to my Hi-Lift jack. It just made things safer.


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this product isn’t going to be for everyone. For those interested in adding another layer of safety to using a Hi-Lift or another option to jack from points they might not attempt with a bare jack, this fits the bill nicely. While it does have a small range of motion (more front to back than side to side) it probably won’t work well for some Hi-Lift for recovery techniques, such as the “lift and shift” for example. It wasn’t designed for that sort of usage, it is a more stable recovery and repair mount. For any of those lifting tasks you can bet I’ll be using this from now on!


The D-lift adaptor is constructed out of laser cut 3/16″cold rolled steel, bent into shape as a one piece design for maximum strength and rigidity. It comes powder coated in several colors Army Green, Pink, Yellow, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Red, Anthany Blue, CPO Orange, Monster Green. Did I mention it was made right here in the USA? Looks like I just did.

JeepsNeeds has posted the result of the static load testing and I’ll suggest you go look at the results. We just want to highlight that at over 6,000 lbs of load, the Hi-Lift broke – not the DLA. It’s going to handle more than your jack!

So, do yourself a favor, and at least check it out. Hi-Lift jacking is sketchy enough…so anything that can add an element of safety is surely worth a look.   If you decide to buy one for yourself, the guys over at JeepsNeeds has given me a discount code to share with you.  Use the code “CPO” to save $10 off of your purchase at JeepsNeeds.com! That’s pretty awesome! Now what are you waiting for?  Watch this video!

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    1. I don’t disagree. I’m not entirely sold on the concept as a whole. If you check out our Hi-Lift instructional videos there are a lot of reasons why the D-Lift doesn’t make sense.

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