The MOLLE Tailgate Panel is a great way to organize your gear, keep things from moving around, and maximize the amount of storage in your vehicle. There are a few brands that make a tail gate panel, but this one from Justice Off Road is probably the best there is. That’s just my opinion of course, and I will definitely tell you why below.

When they couldn’t find a system they liked that was already on the market – Justice Off Road decided to make their own, and to do it right. They found a local manufacturer who could make them here in the USA, and do it to very precise military specifications. The best MOLLE gear has a PALS ladder system that is precisely sewn and that is the case with this panel. (Check out the How-To on mounting gear using this system.)

It’s not just the quality materials, although it is Mil-Spec Type III, but also in the attachment system to your tail gate. Justice Off Road decided not to use self tapping sheet metal screws for the installation; they have a tendency to work their way loose over time. That wasn’t going to be good enough. They decided to go full on rivnut for the install. Yeah…that’s what I said. I know that’s intimidating for a lot of folks…but I have to say, it was worth the trouble of the install for the stability it brings. Because rivnuts are so foreign to many, I made sure to include a small how-to segment in the video below just to make sure you know how they work. If you really, really, really don’t want to use rivnuts, you can always just do the install with screws. But, I’d argue the rivnuts are the way to go.


The rivets give a lot more holding power and good thing as well, I beat the crap out of mine. I loaded it down with some heavy gear like snatch blocks and D-rings, and then literally tortured my JK on a pre-runner style run through the Virginia mountains. I could hear all of that heavy gear slapping against the tailgate with every jump – and there were a lot of them! I’m not telling you all of this to convince you how cool (or crazy) I am, but rather to make a point about the Justice Off Road Tailgate Storage Panel. When I got done abusing my Jeep on the trail, I can tell you that the tailgate panel didn’t budge even a millimeter. It was exactly where I left it. No pulling or stretching. No breaking or loose bolts. It was as solid as the day I installed it. That made me very happy.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about this tailgate panel, and how to install it. In addition to the panel itself, I’ve grown quite fond of the Justice Off Road First-Aid Kit (that you will also see in the video). That thing is a beast of a kit, and makes my former trail first aid kit seem somewhat juvenile. The Justice Off Road kit was built with everything you might – but hopefully will never – need.


So there you go. I can’t say enough good things about this MOLLE Tailgate Panel. It really is worth checking out. You can find it at Now, here’s that video I was telling you about. Enjoy!

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