So we totally love our Jeep Wranglers, but they do have some shortcomings. Mainly they have limited secure storage when the top is off.

Yes, they have a looking console and yes they have a looking glove box. They are great but generally full of tools, books, napkins, etc… They are also very obvious places for thieves to break into. The under seat storage is a very robustly constructed metal lock box. Unless someone wants to take the time to remove the seat it’s not coming out.


Bestop did a good job of making a robust storage box. The exterior is made from 16 gauge heavy carbon steel that is welded on all corners. The lock is a difficult to pick security lock and the drawer rides on heavy-duty plated slides. Finished in a very nice textured black that matches the finish on the Jeep seat posts it blends in very nicely and unless you are really looking for it you will miss it.



Not sure I should even have to explain this part but I will. It’s useful for putting your stuff in. It’s a drawer after all. 205 cubic inches of space it will handle most electronics you will carry outside of a DSLR. Phones, GPS, small cameras and of course money and passports.


Simple to install once you understand the directions. The manual that came with the drawer is wrong. It has one drawer side above the seat legs and one drawer side below. Bestops own website shows both above the seat posts and then another picture shows both below. So which is correct? Both below is correct, the fit is spot on and it works easily once this is done. You have to move a bracket and wire under the seat if you have heated seats. Not a big deal and very easy to do. The entire process can be done in under 20 minutes.


For $59.99 you really can’t go wrong. You can spend a lot more to get exactly the same capability, material, and finish. There are two areas where spending more money is a bonus. If you need a waterproof container, and if it has to be dead quiet. The Bestop drawer rattles a little bit in those slides. If you have the windows down, the top off, or the radio on you will never notice it so not a deal breaker by any means.

Do you have the same drawer? Do you have any drawer? What do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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