Ever needed to use your Hi-Lift Jack on your Jeep but couldn’t find a suitable lift point? Still, have plastic or factory steel bumpers? Let me show you the SAM-U from JeepsNeeds.

Who is JeepsNeeds?

In their own words:

In order to have more products that are made in the U.S.A, we at JeepsNeeds.com directly invent and manufacture, innovative quality parts and accessories for the off-roading community. We have a lot of innovative new product lines that are in the works, so please revisit to see the new product lines. Thanks for visiting JeepsNeeds.com, we will see you out on the trails!


What is a SAM-U?

SAM-U for the Wrangler JL allows for the Hi-lift jack to securely mount and lock on the factory recovery points as well as after-market bumper D-ring tabs.

This will allow you to lift a JL or a JT with a factory plastic or steel bumper securely and safely. The SAM-U is a sturdy recovery mounting device capable of easily lifting your Jeep and securing your Hi-Lift during recovery or repair in the trail.

Here is a video showing the SAM-U being mounted and in use.

4WAAM JeepsNeeds SAM U    4K

The only limitation of the SAM-U is in advanced recovery techniques with a Hi-Lift. Because it locks the jack into the SAM-U you won’t be able to do roll-off or move the vehicle side to side as you can with some other recovery points.

That limitation is a function of how the SAM-U has to utilize mounting points that aren’t as secure. Capturing an open hook to lift a vehicle safely is hard to combine with those advanced maneuvers. (To see those recovery techniques in action check out our YouTube channel.)

Final thoughts.

At $139 the SAM-U is a lot less expensive than a new bumper and offers a secure safe recovery option that you can throw in a toolbox or recovery bag. It’s made in the USA and from what I can tell with our own use is going to last for many years.

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