We get asked all the time about LED lighting. Whether is it for accent lighting, off road lights, headlights, or tail lights the question is always the same. Are they hard to install? The answer is usually no. In the case of those folks wanting to shed the stock tail lights and go with a round light that answer used to be yes.LitePANELS from Off Road Only are designed to allow the every day Jeep enthusiast to change the look of the rear of their Jeep without major modifications and improving visibility to other drivers at the same time. Off Road Only makes a bunch of “Parts your Jeep wants!” to quote their slogan and the LitePANELs are no different.

Most aftermarket kits that allow you to install round taillights require you to to use a hole saw. you have to cut round holes in the tail light sheet metal to make space for the aftermarket lights. Many people I know are not interested in cutting into the rear quarter panel of their brand new Jeep just to achieve a particular look.


The LitePANEL kit makes it so you do not have to. “LitePANELs are a plastic molded panel that allows direct mounting of our OffRoadOnly LiteDOT LED taillight to 2007-current Jeep Wrangler JK Models. There is no body modification required, no holes to drill and nothing that prevents the stock taillight from being re-installed at a later date. The LitePANELs are molded in a matte black finish, textured to match the Jeep gas tank filler and tailgate hinges. The LitePANELS may be painted to match the body with autobody grade urethane paints or DIY aerosol paints. The LitePANELs are molded to match the contours of the Jeep Wrangler body panels perfectly. Simply remove the stock taillight, assemble the LiteDOT taillights (included in this combo kit from OffRoadOnly Direct ) to the LitePANELS with the supplied hardware and retaining bracket, perform the steps with the included parts to prevent the turn signals from flashing fast and attach the LiteDOT and LitePANELs assembly to the body and tighten the LiteDOT mounting screws to retain.” (Source OffRoadOnly.com)


You can see in the image above the different operating modes of the tail lights. The lights are made at the Off Road Only headquarters, each light is made by hand right here in the USA. These same lights are a direct fit on TJ’s so older Jeeps aren’t left out of getting a more modern look.

If you are looking to change up the look of the rear of your Jeep, and do it without cutting, painting, and causing irreparable modifications, look no further than the Off Road Only LitePANEL combined with the LiteDOT tail lights. Priced at $339 these would make someone a great gift for Christmas!

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