A few weeks ago we received an Alien Jack Base and we wanted to test it out to see how well it performed in different situations.  Like our other tests we wanted to do a thorough review and that takes more than just a few days.As soon as I picked it up I could notice the quality of construction and the thought and engineering that went into it.  The teeth on the one side are thick and tough, and the feet on the other lock into place and stay where they are designed to be. There is a very durable coating on the base that held up excellent to the abuse we put it through.

We were warned from the start to not sideload the base.  That is pretty obvious that the amount of weight that would be put on the individual legs would not be able to hold.  This falls under common sense.  So never sideload any of the bases on a jack like this for safety reasons.

Now we will get into how well this base works.  Using the base with the four legs down distributes the weight well.  It really made a difference in stability over the factory style base.  It locked into the terrain and supported the weight of a fully loaded Jeep.  The four legs worked great on any semi-flat terrain the size of the base.  I even shimmed the one leg in uneven terrain for it to lift evenly and support all the weight.  The legs were tested in rock, silt, mud, and regular uneven terrain.  In the rock, it worked great as long as the weight was supported on all of the legs.  The silt allowed it to sink deep but still lifted the vehicle.  It just took a while to bite.  In the mud, it sank a little but worked perfectly.  When it came to the uneven terrain you just have to make sure it is firmly placed and it works great.

Using the teeth end of the base (which I like the best) worked really well.  It is roughly the same size as a factory jack base so it works very similar.  The difference with it is it will bite in and grab.  I have seen a factory base slide in certain terrains but the teeth on the Alien Jack Base bite in and help hold it still.  This goes for any of the terrain types.

This base is a great addition to the standard jack and works really well with stabilization and support for the jack.  We have been using it for weeks and it works great.  We are very happy with it.  Comparing it to the factory base it performs better in all situations.  It even performs better than most jack bases in most situations.  I will let the pictures and captions do the talking.  We highly recommend this base for jacking but you need to be smart and consider which side you are going to use in what situations and if there is any other tricks needed to better the situation.  This is no different than any other time that you are using a jack.  If you are interested in purchasing one email

grossi@hardcoretrailgear.com for more information.

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