Short video and technique description today of another great Hi-Lift technique. Using your Hi-Lift to raise your vehicle and then drive off of the jack. 

I know that sounds super sketchy. There are some real world situations where this is the one viable option. We don’t recommend off roading solo but sometimes it happens. When it does you – can and almost always will get stuck. Murphy’s law just seems to like to bite people who take risks.

Probably the most likely scenario is getting stuck on an obstacle with no winching points close by. Flat land, no trees, no other rocks to stack, and no help. You do still have your trusty Hi-Lift jack – so you have a rescue in hand.

Get your wheel as close to the obstacle as possible, on it if you can, but where the vehicle is stable and safe while you exit it. Use your Hi-Lift to lift the vehicle up as high as you can. Get back into your vehicle and drive forward slowly. If you have enough clearance you should be on top of – or over the obstacle, if not you may need to repeat the maneuver. The key is to be slow, safe, and slow.

This isn’t the safest or even the most practical technique – it is a technique that you want to have in your recovery arsenal for those moments when nothing else is available.

Our video is done on level ground for demonstration purposes only:

[youtube /youtube]

Tell us what you think below about this technique, share your recovery stories, or just hang out!

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