The colder weather is moving in, parts of the USA are already under record snowfall, and it’s only early October. Which prompted me to want to ask you; do you still camp when it’s cold?

I like to camp in colder weather. There is nothing worse than sweating in a tent in the middle of summer fighting bugs and just being miserable. When that thermometer drops a little bit, there is a chill in the air in the morning, and eating a hot meal is a genuine comfort is when I get excited about being outside.

What we are using to camp this winter.

The key to camping in the cold is to have the right equipment to stay warm at night.

First up is our new sleeping bag that is coming from Kodiak Canvas. We also got the optional quilt attachment for extra warmth. It can be used by itself on warmer nights so this is a very versatile sleeping system.

“In Kodiak Canvas fashion, this bag is constructed with premium materials and loaded with features. The top-of-the-line, locking, YKK zippers stay put and won’t travel during the night. Zippers are lined with anti-snag strips and have a full-length zipper baffle to reduce heat loss. Dual layer construction, with offsetting seams minimizes cold spots. A headrest at the top of the bag provides a comfortable area for head and arms. A pillow pocket helps keep a small pillow (not included) in place, or allows one to create a pillow by stuffing a sweatshirt into the space. A tech pocket provides a spot to keep a phone close at hand, inside your bag. The wedge-shaped foot box provides extra space, so toes don’t get scrunched. A zipper at the foot of the bag allows you to vent the bottom when needed. Roll up the bag and secure it with handy compression straps and snap buckles. It is made with a rugged water-resistant canvas shell, and a posh 100% cotton flannel liner. The efficient Factor-4™ insulation is a hollow fiber polyester that is light, fluffy, and very warm. A canvas duffel carry bag is included. Compatible with the Booster Quilt™ accessory (sold separately) that can boost the bag’s temperature rating by up to 30 degrees. Patent pending.”


Next, we have a canvas tent. Canvas tents have fallen out of favor over the last several decades. Canvas was replaced by lighter cheaper materials that promised they were easier to use and had the same durability. There are good tents out there, but by the time you pay that premium for them, you realize you could have bought a canvas tent that will last several lifetimes and does a better job of keeping you dry, warm, and cool, depending on the weather. Natural materials are better.

The VX series is the latest generation from Kodiak Canvas and delivers an easy to set up with all the benefits of .

What do you use?

Tell us what you use to camp in the cold. Post some pics, tell us what you like and don’t like and maybe we will review one of your suggestions!

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