Bumpers have come a long way in the last few years. With the JK creating a major jump in total market size, accessories for the Wrangler went from just being plentiful to more advanced and modular designs.

Dynatrac makes a bumper?

Dynatrac has begun to diversify into other accessories for the Jeep market. They make a lift kit for the JL, upgraded brakes for the JK, and the Endurosport bumper for the JL/JT.

Not only does Dynatrac make a bumper but it is a very sturdy piece of kit and I can attest to that durability after an unfortunate fender bender recently. It was a low-speed impact for a street accident (well under 20MPH). You can see in the picture that the only damage suffered was a small scrape on the D-ring pad. There is also a small nick on the rope guard on my Factor 55 UltraHook. (Update: The bumper cover plate is bent below the shackles. It’s a thin steel plate that bent where there was no additional support. It’s not easily noticed and I only discovered it after several days.

What I do wish after this incident is that Dynatrac made a big brake kit for the JL. Stay tuned as we will review the Powerstop Tow Haule brake kit with new calipers very soon.

Endurosport details and construction.

  • Rock-ready removable bumper ends
  • Steel construction for durability, but lighter than most traditional steel bumpers
  • Winch-ready
  • Accepts factory fog lights
  • No chassis modifications or fabrication required for installation
  • Dynatrac quality and durability
  • Made in the USA

The Endurosport bumper weighs approximately 70 pounds without the extensions and 90 pounds with them installed.

The bumper comes pre-finished in a crinkle black to match factory components. As usual with heavy items, the shipping wasn’t kind to the finish and we had to perform some touch-up work.

In order to provide the best protection I used a couple coats of rust inhibitive primer before covering with VHT chassis and roll bar matte finish.


There aren’t any tips or tricks to installation. Just one piece of advice. You need a really sharp and durable 5/8 drill bit to open up the hole in the frame horn for the larger bolts, or you need patience and a good Dremel.

You can see from several pictures the bumper gets through bolted from the front. It is one of the simplest bumpers to install. No strange arm machinations to get bolts into place or tightened.

One of the best details on this bumper is the winch plate. This is where all of the bumper structure and strength comes from. The massive frame horn plates add strength to the D-ring plates and support for the bumper cover.

Final thoughts.

I like the Dynatrac bumper for its versatility, ease of install, and I think it looks good as well. Priced at $895 for the full width and $100 less for the shorty it’s a premium market bumper. The strength of the winch plate and the shackle mounts make it worth the money over the import brands. Those cheap import bumpers cannot match the recovery strength of the Endursport.

There are a few things I would change if I had the chance. The pocket for the winch could be a little bigger. It says it fits the Warn Zeon series, but the current Keeper winch is pushed up against the grille and leaves very little room at the front. If you aren’t going to run a Warn winch this could be a concern depending on what you choose.

I would love to see some additional side pieces to change the bumper style or add some additional utility. Instead of just the wide width for the factory fog lights having a flat cover or a light mount piece to install would give the bumper some extra style and make it even more appealing.

If you want to get one you can click the link and get it right from Dynatrac. Endurosport Front Bumper

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