Side steps are not the most exciting accessory but they are possibly one of the most used items on your Jeep or truck. They help the vertically challenged, enter and exit a vehicle. In the case of a lifted Jeep or truck, they can protect the side of your vehicle from some nasty impact damage.

Who is MC Aftermarket?

Motor City Aftermarket Products are manufactured by Sales & Engineering, Inc. of Livonia, MI. Sales & Engineering was incorporated in 1972. Their manufacturing space is 60,000 square feet and they specialize in tubular products, machined assemblies, and welded fabrications. They are a supplier for the diesel engine market as well as a supplier for defense contracting companies. The military vehicles they support are the M1 Abrams tank, the Stryker vehicle, EFV, and the Humvee.


It’s nice to see a company transition from military sales to civilian parts. They offer a 5year warranty on their products and the SaltShield process.

Side step install.

This install is very straightforward. Loosen the three-body mount bolts. Slide the step into place above the washers and tighten the body mount bolts — torqued to factory specs. The video pretty much shows it all.

Thoughts on the side steps.

These are sturdy, well made, and they look beautiful on the JL. The welds are clean, the coating is durable, and I love the decal they place on each side. It mimics the military ID and information tags set on all equipment.

We did have a spot of rust on the driver’s side. I was able to touch it up quickly, and as long as nothing else happens, they should be good to go. I had to touch up some other rub marks from shipping. UPS maltreated them so the box was beaten up and the finish rubbed off the bottom side corners. Again I was able to coat it and match the texture. It annoys me that parts come this way.

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