With the introduction of the all-new, 2018 Wrangler JL MOPAR introduced a ton of new parts and upgrades. It was a smart move on their part to jump-start the aftermarket knowing that almost every Jeep owner modifies their Wrangler.

We have written before about the JL’s capability to run larger tires right off of the showroom floor. The stock Rubicon set-up accommodates 35-inch tires without modifying a single thing.

In order to get those 37’s mounted, you will need to make some minor modifications so you can fit them safely. While 37-inch tires fit under the factory fender flares they definitely will not fit the factory tire carrier. The wheel assembly needs to move out and up from the bumper to provide the clearance needed to carry the 37-inch tires safely.

MOPAR JL Tire Carrier

Calling this a tire carrier is a little inaccurate. The system comes in three separate sections and some are dependant on others and some are not.

The first part is the Oversize Spare Tire Carrier mounting bracket kit. (PN:82215355) This goes behind the stock tire carrier and moves the carrier up and out to fit larger tires. There are multiple spacers so you can customize how far out the tire is located to allow for different wheel backspacing.

MOPAR recommends using the Tailgate Reinforcement Kit to put a 37-inch tire on the tailgate. This part ties the two arms together and adds strength to the entire tailgate. In order to use the reinforcement kit, you must have PN:82215355 installed. The reinforcement kit is PN:82215356AB

The final part is also needed to run a 37-inch tire and have a third brake light. You could fab up another solution or buy a different aftermarket option but the MOPAR kit looks good and works perfectly with their other parts. PN:82215349 The Center High Mounted Third Stop Light Relocation Kit.


Take off the stock parts and bolt on the new parts. Seriously this is one of the simplest installs we have done. The key to getting this right is making sure you support the tailgate properly when you install the support kit. Since you have to take the mounting bolts out of both hinges the tailgate will want to sag. Thankfully MOPAR put plenty of cardboard spacers in the kit to support everything. Even still we had to go back and make adjustments so the tailgate fit perfectly and swung smoothly closed. Once it was properly set we have not had to go back and make any adjustments. The parts hold position and thankfully no rattles have developed.

The next test is installing the new Yokohama 37-inch tires we have waiting. They are not only dimensionally larger they are heavier as well.


This is my least favorite part of the MOPAR JL tire carrier. It is expensive to buy all the pieces.

The Oversize Tire Carrier Mounting Bracket Kit is $287.99. The Tailgate Reinforcement Kit is $656.99. The Center High Mounted Third Brake Light Kit $83.99. That’s a grand total of $1028.97 plus tax. We were able to beat this price at the local dealer where we purchased one of our other Jeep vehicles so shop around and see what you can do.

All prices are from Quadratec.com at time of publication. Click on the link to go directly to the product page


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