Spare tire delete kits are a dime a dozen, and it can be extremely challenging to stand out in the crowd. American Adventure Labs does a solid job incorporating multiple options and clean design to make it a top choice.

Design and Options

Unlike many kits available the American Adventure Labs is multi-piece assembly. It makes routing the wiring and adding accessory pieces simple and easy.

You can see in the picture below where the wiring for the camera and the backup light have pass-through holes cut.

The pre-cut holes made routing the wiring and making connections clean and quick. I was also able to tuck excess wire behind the plate for any future changes.

You can see the vertical path for the backup camera. The camera mount is an add-on that allows the kit to work for multiple applications.

A third brake light LED is included, and I love how easy it fits. The LED is bright and will avoid any fix-it tickets.

Buy or Pass?

I will rate this one a solid buy. It’s a quality part with aluminum construction, precision machine bending, and accurate hole locations. If I could ask for one change, it would be to have the bend marks cleaned up. That way it would be easier to run it raw or with a clear coat instead of paint or powder coat.

If you like what you see you can buy yours here American Adventure Labs Delete Kit.

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