Multi-tools are inherently handy little items to carry. Depending on where you work you can’t always have a knife on your hip or a larger multi-tool. So what can a professional who feels naked without a blade or useful tool in their pocket supposed to do? Check out the Leatherman Style CS below.

The Leatherman Style CS is a pocket-sized or key chain multi-tool that packs 6 tools into a 3 inch by 3/4 inch package.

The primary open tool is a small set of scissors. With a form factor, this small pliers just wouldn’t hold up. Scissors are perfect.

There is a short blade, a file that doubles as a screwdriver, and a set of tweezers stuffed into the side. The tweezers aren’t good for much, they are simple spring steel and if you use them too hard they will lose their spring and usefulness. They will work for the occasional splinter.

The rear is a bottle opener and a carabiner. Construction is sturdy and it is made out of laminated pieces of lightweight metal.

I generally prefer to carry a larger knife or multi-tool but this has already come in very handy. I use the file a ton to remove burrs and round corners. The tip does work pretty well as a screwdriver in a pinch for little detail jobs. The scissors are tedious for large items but they work great for getting things open.

You can pick one up on Amazon for $16.99

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