I ride motorcycles and I drive a Jeep. That means I wave at just about every vehicle I pass on the road. Waving and riding have always gone together for me, the camaraderie of the road and riding on two wheels it felt right to acknowledge the other rider headed to some unknown destination. 

That made the transitions to the Jeep wave easy – but I find that in both areas people do it less and less. (These aren’t the only two vehicles that enjoy a wave between likeminded people but they are what I drive.) There was a time that I got mad, thought they were rude, and tragically fell into that all too human trap of thinking negatively about the other person or letting a good mood be spoiled.

It’s all about perspective.

What I have come to realize with age, understanding, and wisdom is they might just not know or understand the wave. In the case of Jeeps and bikes maybe they don’t realize it began as a way veterans greeted each other with their surplus Army Jeeps and motorcycles flying their club colors. Maybe they are thinking of other things and while they didn’t acknowledge it – they appreciated the wave. Maybe that small gesture made them smile and they waved at the next person.


People are more connected than ever. I can message across the world, video chat anywhere, post pictures, videos, and “talk” to my followers on social media anytime day or night. What I can’t always do is be present “in” the moment. That small gesture between people is an understanding of the passion, the lunacy, and the enjoyment that is driving the vehicles we love.

Be selfless.

Don’t wave expecting it to be returned, wave to show you get it. Do it because you want to connect because that other person could use a smile to brighten an otherwise lonely day. Wave because you mean it. I know if I see you I’ll wave your way. It may be a peace sign, drop it low, or even just a finger lift but I will acknowledge you on the road. If I happen to not wave and you did. Know I appreciate it and I’ll pass it on to the next person.


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William Connor

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