Why I Stopped Publishing On The Holiday’s

I no longer post on the holiday’s and some of our readers had noticed and reached out to ask why. Instead of sending several emails, I figured I would write it once and share it with everyone.

I got tired of seeing so many self-congratulatory posts on holidays.

I also got tired of sales on every holiday. It used to be a one-day sale, now it’s multiple days or even a week or more for holiday sales. Combine that with every influencer, celebrity, and wannabe influencer writing a social media post about social correctness and world events that most holidays are barely about the holiday anymore.

I choose to spend the holiday with my family. I may take photographs or attend an event as more of a fan than a working event but I don’t post anything. The mental day off from those activities is far better than any social media post.

In my utopia of life, holidays would go back to days off when nothing was open.

Growing up businesses were closed on a Holiday. People got time off to spend with family, stores closed early if they opened at all, and people enjoyed time with those most important to them.

Here’s my advice to businesses going forward. If you want to have a sale do it when no one else is. Otherwise, it’s just a race to the lowest price. Make your own event as Amazon did. Lots of businesses used to this with annual tent sales, anniversary sales, etc. In a world of sameness be unique. An annual end-of-summer sale or winter clearance will do more for you than some shared holiday with everyone else.

Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Do you want holidays to be holidays or are you totally OK with the commercial nature of every day off?

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