As I sit here working out our latest build schedule. I now realize the investment I have wrapped up in the JL. It definitely makes me wonder if a clapped-out XJ on Amazon 40s wouldn’t be more fun.

It’s the age-old question. Is it better to drive a slow car fast, or a fast car slow.

A much nicer version of my first car.

Having owned several slow cars and a couple of fast cars it’s a complicated answer.

The cheaper the slow car the more fun it is. My 1982 Toyota Corolla was definitely the most fun slow car ever. J-turns, e-brake skids, burnouts, midnight blasts on dirt roads, and many more acts of hooliganism defined that car’s existence.

Every car after the Toyota cost at least three times the amount and was definitely in better shape, except maybe the Cavalier I owned. They have all been fun but none have ever been as fun because of the price or the necessity of needing to get places

With the average Jeep price over 30k who can afford to wheel hard?

That all depends on your individual wealth. Even as a business I can’t just destroy a new vehicle hitting the trails.

Having a cheap shit box on junkyard axles and a Chinese mud tire, that I can wheel until it dies is starting to seem like a better and better idea.

That’s not to imply that I won’t wheel the 2-door but it does mean I can save the hold my beer moments for something I don’t need to drive home or to work the next day

What would you wheel?

If you had to pick a cheap and capable off-road hooptie what would it be?

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