Whether it’s a job interview, performance review, or just telling a friend how annoying they are the key to keeping people happy is to finish on a positive note. The last 2 articles focused on some of the issues when road tripping your lifted Jeep.

Now I want to focus on the reasons why I wouldn’t want to take anything else.

Maximum Visibility

Here I sit inside my raised chariot, surveying all those around me, with a view to the heavens, I look down on those below and I am saddened that they know not the joy of riding high. – Me

Bad poetry aside this pretty much sums up how many people feel driving a lifted vehicle. Looking out at an unobstructed view ahead that allows me to see trouble before I get to it and react accordingly. You can’t do that in a car.

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

I am not recommending or condoning illegal off-road driving. What I am referring to is the ability to take any road you find. It d matter how rough, what the road surface is, or whether it’s wet, muddy, or dry as a bone. In fact, most of the time these backroads made of dirt and holes that wrap through the trees are exactly what I was looking for in the first place. No people, no other vehicles, and the right vehicle to tackle the terrain are one of life’s great moments.

Once you leave the highway and the drone of interstate travel all those “issues” mentioned previously fade away. Lifted life is made for backroads, uneven terrain, and unmaintained roads.

Storage or Lack Thereof

Limited storage is an insurmountable challenge to some, to others, it is exactly that challenge that excites them. I have enjoyed revamping my gear, my storage containers, and finding creative solutions to maximize the amount of kit I can take on trips. Compression bags, straps, cargo organizers and taking less is liberating.

Driving Dynamics

As vehicle speed lowers vehicle control goes up. The wind has less effect, those larger tires are now smoothing out bumps and uneven terrain instead of drifting with the road surface, and noise levels drop to a much more enjoyable level.

If you really want driving nirvana find yourself a smooth dirt or gravel road and let all of those upgrades do their job straightenin’ the curves and flattenin’ the hills.

I Built It to Travel All-Roads

If all I wanted was a vehicle to drive the interstate and eat up miles I certainly wouldn’t buy a Jeep, a truck, or most vehicles that we build. I would choose something fast with good fuel economy and all the amenities a person could want.

I didn’t do that. I chose to build a vehicle that can travel all-roads and do it well. Weather, road conditions and rough terrain will not and cannot stop my progress. That is why I road trip a lifted Jeep.

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