We will be picking up our Eco Trek Camper this week and visiting where it is made in Cosby Tennessee. What do you want to know about it?

From the owner:

I have been camping nearly all my life.  It all started at age 8 selling greeting cards to get enough points to receive a two man pup tent.  We lived at the edge of a small town in rural Western Ohio.  Behind our house was an old abandon gravel pit owned by my Grandfather. My wonderful parents allowed me to pitch my tent there within sight of  the kitchen window. For the next 8 years, every summer,  I camped there, cooking my own meals over a campfire, gaining self reliance and the love of the great outdoors. The Boy Scouts of America also opened many other opportunities for camping. At age 13, I hiked and camped the mountains of Northern New Mexico at the Philmont Boy Scout Camp. After attending college for engineering I acquired a job working for Airstream’s sister company, Argosy. For the next three years, I learned the trade of building RVs.  From there, I worked over 25 years in the machine tool trade gaining more manufacturing and management skills.  I have owned several campers during my lifetime, all “stick and staple” and prone to leak and rot.  So at the age of 57, I decided with the support of my loving wife, to build a better and different camper.

Born is Ecotrek Camper and my commitment to you, fellow camper, to build the highest quality aluminum camper available! Every Ecotrek Camper is skillfully assembled here in East Tennessee, just outside of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with the attention for detail and care.

Welcome to the World of EcoTrek Camper

Ready for Adventure!

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