We recently reviewed the 2 inch lift from MOPAR on our project JK. After putting some miles on it a few things have popped up to consider when buying a lift kit.

So you have made your decision and you are ready to plunk down the cash to buy your dream lift. Well hang on a second, did you think through everything? The MOPAR 2 inch lift has been great so far. Handling has improved, the steering stabilizer makes dealing with large tires a dream, and it gained more lift than 2 inches over stock. Except that is a bit of an issue. The springs are apparently designed with more weight in mind that the stock Jeep and bumpers weigh. Even with my 200 pounds on the bumper the springs are only lightly compressed and resting too close to the top of their travel. That means not enough suspension compression over bumps and rebound is too fast and harsh. That leads to bouncing and an uncomfortable ride on or off-road.

When you go to buy a lift, as we discussed previously, you have to think about the weight you will be carrying. The MOPAR 2 inch lift is definitely designed with some heavyweight bumpers in mind to compress the suspension and make it more compliant. This is a good thing if you plan to add the items, not that great if it is going to take a while to get the additional parts.

Our advice is to make sure you call and talk to someone knowledgeable about the lift you are buying and describe the end result you are going for with bumpers and accessories. That way you can make sure the lift you buy is designed to handle that load instead of more or less and compromising your on and off-road driving.

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