What if you could order the ultimate Jeep Wrangler from the comfort of your computer? It’s a constant daydream for many off-road enthusiasts. Ordering the most capable off-road vehicle with all of the options you want, and none of the bells and whistles you don’t. For computer geeks, it’s like trying to find a new computer with a clean Windows install and no bloatware. In other circles, it is referred to as a “Unicorn”.

What if you could?

What if Jeep lets you start with a base model and only add the parts and pieces you wanted? What would you order? Would you still get Nav and heated leather seats? Would you opt for Dana 60 axles right from the factory?

This is what we would build.

In this truly À la carte world there are no package options, you only choose what you want. Let’s also bump up the motor selections. If FCA makes it you can pick it.

  1. 4 door body
  2. manual transmission
  3. 4:1 transfer case
  4. 4-inch lift
  5. Dana 60 axles with 4.88 gears
  6. Forged wheels
  7. 37-inch mud terrain tires
  8. 3.0 liter Eco Diesel
  9. Leather heated seats (Easier to clean and man  they are nice when it is cold)
  10. Factory snorkel
  11. Heat reduction hood
  12. Armor (Sliders, chassis, differentials, etc…)
  13. Shortie bumpers with winch

You could go wilder with the build, but this is still a streetable package that retains good driveability and on-road performance.

Tell us what you would build and don’t forget to check out our Featured Partners. They can help you build your dream off-road rig,

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