Gear, equipment, vehicle tests, and reviews are some of the many things we as journalists get to do. These are a lot of fun most of the time. Product launches with fancy lunches and free swag can sway your opinion about an item. The aim is to stay objective and not let that get to you.

I wanted to share how I test products. When you read a 4WAAM review you know it was thorough. That it is as unbiased as possible, and that I tested the manufacturer’s claims.
Every item that comes across my desk will get tested in as many different scenarios as possible. I want to make sure if it’s listed as waterproof, windproof, cold weather, warm weather, unbreakable, best ever, capable of reinventing the wheel, etc… That it stands up to that claim.

Each product gets put into daily use. Commuting, weekend off-road running, track time, camping, whatever it’s designed for. In a perfect review, this would take several months but I can’t always dedicate that kind of time to one review. When I can I will share durability metrics. If it’s a short test I won’t guess if it will hold up.

I can promise if something goes wrong I will share it. The idea is that I am reviewing each item as if I spent my own money on it. If I wouldn’t buy it because of an issue, I will tell you that as a 4WAAM reader.

I test all items for safety, ease of use, durability, practicality, and price. I list price last because if the product works as intended price becomes a lower priority. If it’s worth saving for I will definitely recommend it.

I use a subjective rating system: Poor, Average, Very Good, and Outstanding. I will rate many categories for each item and then give a final score.

This page will get updated as criteria change and new procedures are established.

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