Welcome to the “Complaint Department” where we rant and rave and sometimes share our thoughts on topics involving vehicles of all types. Today’s topic is about sharing the road. We have written in the past about the Jeep wave and common courtesy, today’s goes even further.

My wife and I visit a great local coffee shop every Sunday morning. We get a hot beverage, sometimes we get a fresh waffle or pastry, and we hang out with motorcycle riders and our Jeep friends. It’s a great way to spend a morning.

A few things have struck me lately during these drives to and from the shop and in the parking lot. We are very divided in our interests and anyone outside of our particular pastime is an idiot. I happen to ride motorcycles and drive Jeeps. I also like sports cars, trucks, hot rods and more. Some folks are very strict in the interests and it shows.

The group that rides stay to one side of the parking lot to congregate and park multiple bikes in each spot out of courtesy. Lately, though they have gotten very territorial and some friction has occurred with a fellow off-road enthusiast who parks on the same side. To be very clear he is at the coffee shop every day and parks in the same spot religiously.

The problem has been when the riders are parking their motorcycle within inches of the bumper of the truck and in some cases over the lines into the same parking space. This causes both sides to get irritated when the truck needs to leave and words are exchanged. The funny thing is if the tables were turned both sides would feel the same way.

The other area where this has come up is driving. A different kind of vehicle has been an issue. The weather may be getting colder but there are a lot of pedal bikes around our area. They are required to follow the same rules of the road that automobiles are with some additional restrictions. Today a bicyclist decided he needs to swing two lanes to make a right-hand turn with no signals. They look at you as if you are in the wrong and then pedal away. It happens often. Bicyclists do not move over for the right of way, they don’t signal and oftentimes cross into the main lane to prevent cars from moving on.

Lastly, are car drivers. Lack of lane signals, texting, makeup, reading, and so much more make driving even harder than it has to be. I cannot tell you how many times I sit at a light waiting for some moron reading their phone and sitting there. When only one car makes it through a green light there is an issue.

What does all of this mean? 

It means that every vehicle on the road needs to stop thinking of only themselves. Selfishness and lack of empathy for the other people on the road contribute to road rage, being late, and traffic jams. It sucks to continue to have to harp on this subject when the solution is simple. Let people merge, drive with your eyes on the road and not on your phone, stop acting like you own the road, and be courteous. That goes for every type of vehicle on the road today.

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William Connor

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