Nitto tires posted this picture yesterday on their FB page. They asked the same question I am asking: “Are these wheels to big?”

Our personal take on this is definitely a no. For us it’s a style over substance issue. Could the wheels possibly perform off road? Maybe, but losing some of the side wall means it’s harder to air the tires down for those moments you need more traction, not too mention that the sidewalls act as additional cushioning for the bumps.

We would also worry about the extra stresses put on the wheels and how well those thin spokes would hold up. Not being structural engineers this is conjecture on our part but if you don’t trust it when you look at them, you won’t buy them anyway.

So we ask you the people who will decide if this becomes a thing. Do you think these are too big? What size is ideal?

Jeep on 20 Inch Wheels
Jeep on 18 Inch Wheels
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