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  • The Evolution of Alec’s TJ: Part 2
    If you have a modified vehicle, you will inevitably be asked what you’ve done to it. For some this can be an exhaustive list depending on just how far into the details you are willing to go.
  • Tool Organization: Toolbox Widget Review
    I think everyone enjoys having an organized wrench drawer, but it is not always easy to achieve. For a long time, I struggled to find a wrench holder that could accommodate all my mismatched wrench sets and work well with my drawer dimensions. That changed when I came across ToolBox Widget Inc, they offer a […]
  • Campfire Recipes – Hobo Pies
    I love hobo pies. What is a hobo pie you ask? It’s a simple item using the basic ingredients of any good meal. Two slices of white bread, and the toppings filling of your choice.
  • Expert Advice – Modifying Your Off Road Vehicle
    What do I do next?  What should my first modification be? We have this question come up a lot. Truth is there is not a simple way to answer that. You can go all out – over accessorize your vehicle and buy everything out of the parts catalog. You can take it to a fabrication […]
  • Synthetic Rope = Safer Winching
    There is often a discussion of steel versus synthetic materials when it comes to winch line. In my opinion, there is only one choice for trail and recreational use. I prefer a synthetic winch line for its easier maintenance and increased safety if it fails. 
  • Tool Organization: ToolGrid Review
    If you are like me, then you appreciate a well-organized toolbox. ToolGrid by Mantis is one of the best organization systems I have found on the market.

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