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The 2015 Jeep Wrangler is quiet. This is a good thing for the most part. Even with the soft top most outside noise is muffled nicely allowing you to have a pleasant conversation. What’s not good is how quiet the exhaust is. This makes it hard to modulate that throttle and is frankly boring. Time to make it less boring and maybe even free up some HP.

Project Hard Rock has a paupers budget. So with that in mind we went looking for a budget cat back system. Doing a cat back system accomplishes two things. It’s a bigger weight reduction than an axle back system, and it eliminates the resonator restriction. The other criteria was stainless if possible.

Where to shop?

There are plenty of places to buy Jeep parts. Most have free shipping of some sort and they all carry roughly the same parts catalog. That free shipping is usually ground or in the case of one site FedEx via the post office. That adds time to the delivery and makes free more of a hassle. So because of that we skipped all of them and went to Amazon. Why? 2WAAM has Amazon Prime which means free two day shipping and they had lower prices.

What did we choose?

We decided to go with a Dynomax cat back system with a welded muffler. Priced at $219 tax included it fit right in the budget, ticked the box for stainless, and was Prime eligible.  That and the videos I found on the manufacturers website sounded good. Not too boy racer for a Jeep exhaust.


Install is easy, remove the original, bolt on the new exhaust and you are done. One item that did take some work was the exhaust tip. The tailpipe is a little undersized and where the tip needed to exit was right where the tow hook is. Not an issue on other versions as they only have a drivers side hook. I didn’t care for the polished tip so I had a stainless turn down made at the local shop and installed that. Works great with plenty of clearance.


The exhaust sounds great, it adds just enough rumble to the Jeep without a drone at speed or being too high pitched. The motor revs a little freer and where there used to be a little hesitation right off idle the Jeep now moves quickly and smoothly. That will definitely improve control off road. It also did not hurt the gas mileage.

The tilt of the muffler in the last photo is to allow the tail pipe to exit under the bumper. The picture angle makes it look worse than it is.

DSC00150 DSC00151 DSC00148

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